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What are we today and what shall we be tomorrow? Unfortunately, only future generations will answer this question. But relentless of time is reality that creates values and destroy them itself. And rather it destroys careless values. Things changed a great deal since the Treasures of Mankind were established, but unluckily not in a positive direction.

It is unbearable for us to stand indifferent towards this problem. Having founded the World Heritage Preservation Fund, we are ready to prove with our deads, that everybody is capable to take corcern both for the future of their children and descendants and for the future of mankind. We don't speak about anything very far. The first Russia' object, included in the World Heritage List is the historical centre of St. Petersburg city with the whole complex of monuments. Every person can play his possible role in reconstruction of prominent historical and architectural treasures of our remarkable city.

We hope that hard work of our colleagues would be an essential contribution in combining efforts of mankind to fulfil our common job. We feel more and more that we have to overcome nationalism and unite in order to save treasures of our days. It is well-known: there is no future without past.

The unique heritage of common values was developed for centures. Every progressive person can proudly support and augment values at prosper time, and take care of them at difficult economic times. Leaders of successful enterprises and organizations, businessmen and managers, who are covered today with financial problems, probably could not help laughter at our seemed to be too abstract purpose. But may be and they analyse that the origin of their well-being is in common Mankind values?

We realize that not all people feel that this problem is of the great importance. But having launched our new ship and having started a great voyage, we hope that very nice people would help us to hold seven feet under the keel. And we believe that the idea to preserve the best values of world heritage and save the "ethnological essence from extinction" would come into reality.

Jury Borzenetz, Fund President

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"Ethnological essence is condemned to extinction if it does not base on the heritage treasures in process of onward march"

Leo Guminev